Slow drain

I think something is stuck in my drain hose barely anything comes out

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Try “filling” maybe it’ll get pushed out

Did that worked fine drained again same issue if not worse anyone know what size square but the grobo is?

And I sent a support ticket already


You probably already did this but make sure there is no debris stuck in the inlet hose in the tank. if no obstruction is on the end of the hose it is possible that something is stuck inside. At which point its beyond my knowledge for trouble shooting that system on the Grobo.

good call on the support ticket :slight_smile:

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Put the white square in your mouth and blow like a mother. Then you’ll really know if you have blockage


LOL! Could work.

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Did that they are sealed pumps not moving at all :pensive:

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Interesting, is there a way to get to the pumps??? you could remove the inlet hose right off the pump and clean out just that hose.

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Ok problem solved but if anyone thinks it was easy you’re extremely wrong!!! If you think this is just some regular cheaply made machine you’re extremely wrong!!! I’m in a lot of pain I’m off to medicate thanks everyone who tried I see we all think alike because I did everything that was suggested before it was suggested :grin:


Ok, but what worked :man_shrugging::wave:

Honestly surgery, you in the US? Way too much to write I’d rather call you just being honest

I’m just in too much pain

Yep, but Alaska time. I’m at school right now. Teacher :man_teacher::+1::joy:

yeah, but I’m in Alaska so right now its 11:46 am, and I’m at my school. I’m a teacher. I get out at approx 330 pm. Where you at?

East coast

Ever figure this out? Thanks


Oh yes thank you

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I’m guessing he would like to know how you resolved it, :+1:


Ha! Ok basically I had to take the Grobo apart follow the fill line to the pump and got what clogged it out of the pump, if you’re not mechanically inclined I wouldn’t attempt it I suggest if that happens get help from someone with skill