Skywalker Auto 2nd Grow

Excellent start! Keep us posted!!! :eyes::seedling:


Wow 5 days and she’s purdy!! Congratulations on your great start!


Day 11 1/14 Early Veg! Shooting up rather quick! She seems to be real happy right now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Pod is slightly damp but becoming dryer, here’s some pics of her!


Day 19 (9/14) Early Veg. She’s coming in strong! Totally different from the last for sure, starting to see node 4 poke! I’ve heard mixed opinions about topping autos…I’m not sure yet if I should or not any advice would be appreciated! No trimming yet or rez topping off. As this week rolls in it will be drain and fill no. 3 so I will be introducing hydro at 1/3 to start and also begin mid week top off now that the cocoa pod has dried out enough :+1:t2::seedling:
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Looking forward to seeing how this auto pans out for you. How is the cure of your last grow going?!


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@SilverGrobo thanks so much!
@SWSVIC same here man! I wonder if this is going to be better this round. With that being said the cure is going well but I’m waiting for my Bodevas to show up


Other than genetics, what do you practices will you be using during this grow that you consider to be better than your last (Which was pretty epic)?

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Thanks man I’m glad you think that! I’m thrilled by the outcome as well!
Practices I’m not sure yet…I’m thinking maybe some tucking and trimming of fans here and there might support the best results this time since autos is pretty minimal as you know, I’m not expecting the same yield as the last but definitely one can hope! I’m just wanting to feel out this plant in her own way, and let her give the maximum potential as she progresses I can adjust things for her as to what she telling me she likes.


Day 22 12/14 early veg. She grew a lot today! Looking happier too! node no.5 is here :fire: still set on no topping this round for the auto! CHEERS
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Looking good! :eyes::seedling:


Day 26 16/22 early veg. Okay, technically this should be day 1 of transition but she still hasn’t reached the 2nd fan yet…so I extended for time being until I get an opinion or 2 from AG, since this auto is totally different… I’m actually starting to see some pistils already! Maybe I should roll into transition then after all? No trimming yet as of right now I feel like there’s still no need to trim anything yet, I have great airflow and light is still hitting everything and she’s happy by the looks of it! I might trim a few off her lower area come time to top off her water this week.
Thanks to all who have watched my grows this far! I couldn’t have done this without you guys! All advice is welcome! Cheers :smile:
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Looking great, I agree with your decision not to trim. As far as when to transition, let’s wait for someone with Auto experience to chime in. @vegetato may be able to offer some advice.


She’s lookin nice!

This is the schedule from @vegetato that I’m following:

"This is my current trigger for when to move to next stage with an auto:

extend early veg until there are pistils growing out of the nodes

alternately move to next stage (end early veg) when this happens
extend transition until the bud sites start to become more prominent (with more pistils)

alternately move to next stage (end transition) when this happens
extend flower until it looks like she’s a week or two away from harvest

I’ve been using extension of the schedule to just try to align the schedule with the plant, as opposed to trying to get the plant to fit the schedule.

Hope that helps!"

It’s been working out for me. Once I saw pistils he said to switch to transition… Now on 11/14 of transition and I have atleast 15-20 spots where pistils are forming, getting ready to switch to flower. He advised to ride out transition period!

I extended veg for another 6 days after the initial 14, so I think 21 total when I saw pistils starting.

I think you might be ready to switch soon, I’d let @vegetato chime in from his exp!

BTW here’s where my plant was on Day 20/21 of Early Veg when I was advised to switch… little bigger than your plant but you’re only 3-4 days away and I saw some huge growth within those days.

Anyway, just figured I’d throw my input since we are pretty close with our auto plants!

Here’s to hoping your Skywalker can yield as much or even more as the Blue Dream :slight_smile: !!


@pyromancy this is amazing thanks so much your advice really helps! I’m excited to see them grow up together and see their differences as well!
@Bplatinum9 also thank you as always I will be taking a closer look :eyeglasses:


Day 31 4/14 Transition. Healthy and seeing a lot of growth this week as I decided she was ready for transition, performed a water change few days ago and also topped her off today as she is thirsty. Decided to trim away a few huge fan leaves as well as dosed hydro today at 2/3 strength. Only slight trimming introduced as well but seemed not too affected by it. Water temps and box temps this season have also been much much better as it gets cooler out. I had a feeling that would help out this round! Cheers :sunglasses:
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Beauty she is! :facepunch:


Very impressive!! Love the leaf pic!


Day 38 11/14 transition. She’s looking a little sad tonight … any ideas? @SWSVIC @Bplatinum9 @pyromancy @SilverGrobo I decided to perform a calibration which was needed and also performed a water change tonight as it was time! Starting to flower up not sure if I should ride out transition or move onto flower? She’s more sensitive than the first strain for sure, she didn’t take the trimming too well it seems but I will stop now since she’s not a very big girl this time as well but still can put out some :fire: here’s some pics to help see what’s going on, as always thanks for all your support cheers!