Simple fix for light leaks

It’s no secret that most Grobos unfortunately let light leak into the grow space. This did not bother me during veg. However, once my plant switched to transition (12/12 light schedule) and I was able to catch light entering the unit with the camera I have located inside the grow space, I took it upon myself to do something about it. After much deliberation on how to handle the issue and then using white electrical tape to fix something completely unrelated (while medicated) it dawned on me :joy:. Instead of going overboard and sealing the unit with silicone or some other complex messy remedy, I decided to K.I.S.S. and fix the issue by simply applying white electrical tape to the areas where light was leaking into the unit. I then waited until “lights out” to check the camera and was pleased to find that there was no more light entering the unit. The fix is also aesthetically pleasing as the tape is a perfect match to the white walls of the Grobo. Hope this helps anyone else combating this issue!


Looks great!

Can you provide a link to that product? The white electrical tape

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This is the pack that it came in, I originally bought the set to use to identify wires.

3M Scotch #35 Electrical Tape Value Pack (10457NA)

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Since my unit is in a closet like space I just make it where the grow space is mostly dark I think it’s enough to keep light out of inside otherwise I can’t really tell since I do not have a camera set up inside the unit.

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For sure, I would do the same but need the door open to allow heat to dissipate.

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I didn’t know that light gets in from the wooden top like that though, hopefully it hasn’t affected my girl any sort of way

In my unit, the light was coming through the crack in the top and shining through the plexiglass guard of the Grobo’s grow light. I’ll be honest it wasn’t a ton of light but plenty for the sensitive low light camera to pick up so I opted to put a stop to it.

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So I did a little diy with my wife and she got a corrugated plastic black board cut it to the size of the door and mounted sticky magnets to the back side and whala!! Flower problems no more


Nailed it


Is that baby Yoda protecting the grobo protect he will

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Yes it is Grogu! The Force is strong with this strain :person_fencing:



I had just posted about this as I saw someone last night in a video do this. He said 3/4" white electrical tape was what he used.

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