Show us your current buds

My last thread got closed and merged with the contest post, which is stupid because I want to see people’s buds now, not wait until next year.

So please, show us your current buds grown with Grobo. Hoping to see some quad-looking buds, but have yet to see it with Grobo.

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Never heard the term “qaud looking buds” before what does that mean if you don’t mind me asking

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A quad is a term invented by dispensaries in Canada, referring to AAAA bud, or “quads”. Its supposed to be the highest quality of cannabis in terms of look, smell, and effect, Look especially which would be dense big negs that are well cured/trimmed, covered in crystals/trichomes.


Ahh I understand the concept never heard that term before but I see … I mean some have posted their buds and look fire I’m weeks away from my harvest but I think the only thing that won’t compare is how people trim… I know I still k at trimming so it would hurt my bad appeal … but I’m def interested in what I end up yielding and how it tastes…

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I know exactly what you’re talking about now. We have yet to see a quad A ratting finished bud here. (Yet) The trimming part will be hard to match as they used mechanical trimming machines, I know as I also buy their sweet leaf for eddibles at a reduced price. When you said quad I thought maybe a bud that weighs in a 1/4oz at first, lol. :joy:

I would expect as Grobo growers get more experianced we will be able to match at 3+ A’s. The size of dispensary bud is hard to match with the output light from a Grobo and machine trimming vs human trimming, yeah. I see no reason why, taste, smell and THC / CBD levels can’t be matched.

Now I’m hungry for some steak. :cut_of_meat:


No buds yet. My first plant was Male on plant 2 now and it’s just shown sex. Soon my friend soon!!!

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