Should I Trim My Dwarf Plant? 🤔

So I’m in the last stretch of Flower for my dwarfed Jack Herer (Auto) plant and am wondering … should I trim any of the leaves or leave her as is? Also, any tips for getting as much out of her as possible (keeping her size in mind)?

Day 63: 14/23 Flowering

Btw the brown spots were from nutrient lockout after I forgot to pH the water I topped my reservoir with. It appears as if my Grobo only adjusts pH after a full drain & fill cycle, and not when topping


A nanogrow! Not sure I’d suggest to trim so much as just try pulling any leaves off that are dried/dead. Grab the leaf by its stem and slightly twist, if it comes off it was ready to.



Ok, thanks I’m gonna try that with the lowest leaves.


This is normal for every Grobo!

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I was under the impression that this is the behavior:

  • pH is evaluated hourly and small adjustments (if necessary) are made at that time. (so 24/7)
  • Just the nutrients are dispensed after a complete drain/fill cycle (but not on a fill).

@Bplatinum9 maybe it was changed after the update that was sent out? I feel like my Grobo was dispensing pH nutes more often early on in my grow, but then again I wasn’t recording the levels like I am now so it could have all been dispensed after drain & fill as opposed to incrementally. I actually manually pH my water before filling now because my Grobo was using way more pH nutes than necessary, in my opinion.

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I sit at my box when doing drain and fills and watch the nuts go down before I draw another line on the bottle.
I’m not saying it doesn’t adjust nuts 24/7 but the majority of nuts are being dispersed during drain and fills unless the water used to top off has horrible ph its usually not enough water to signal the bottles to dispense.
I’m glad your keeping an eye on it though because nuts get expensive when their being sucked down the tubes for ph balance, I lost a whole set that way before!


Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing this past month. And since I pH it advance now, the Grobo pH nutes don’t get dispensed at all (I pH to about 5.7)