Should I defoliate

I have a day 46 Critical Purple Auto … day 8 of flowering. I feel like leaves getting pretty big and it is my first grow. Thanks for any advise!!


She really bushed up on you :slight_smile:

Like we had said before, auto defoliation can be risky if you look at the internet’s opinion, but we have done it on the forums here.

If you decide to, start with one or two, maybe three or something like, see how it goes, then do a few more in a day or two maybe? They are really blocking out your bud sites as far as I can see.

If you don’t wanna cut them, try your best to tuck them down underneath the branches so they pop out and get some light. It’s something you’ll have to do pretty much daily, maybe twice a day if you want the best results.

She’s really taking her time to start flowering, I still don’t see any flowers hardly at all, if any! Autos be doin’ what they want O_O

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If it was me I would start with those gigantic ones that are (what looks like to me) 4th or 5th node from the top down


Hope this goes well! Think I might of went to hard lol


I think you’re gonna be fine… It looks a lot better to me now those branches are going to shoot up and compete with your main branch now, before they had not enough light to do so…

When’s your next drain and fill?


The Grobo asked to be topped off with water today … I normally completely drain and replace on Wednesday. Hope this goes well


I would have gone even harder if it was my plant so your good no worries

PS your girl is looking very nice and healthy :+1: :+1: