Should I advance my schedule

Hey guys so my plant had a very hard time stretching in the beginning so I held it back in the vegetation stage for 3 weeks. How ever now I am in day 1 of 39 for flowering and not sure if I should move up the schedule as she already budding pretty we

ll. Any advice?


Is this an auto seed? From the looks of it she has been in flower now for several weeks.


No its not an auto flower I wish it was. I had to use a hybrid generic recipe as there was no direct recipe for this strain. After contacting grobo after she would stretch it was their recommendation to extend the vegetative state. I have 39 days left for flowering but im afraid that might be to long? So I adjust it a couple weeks ahead?

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She will not get bigger, she is done growing. Now shes flowering
Leave her in 12 12 flowering cycle and keep an eye on tricomes for when shes ready