Shipping delay at the US/Canadian border

Thank you for reaching out! We have run into a shipping delay at the US/Canadian border so unfortunately we don’t have a current timeline for when your unit will be shipped out. We have a formal message coming out later today with some more detail but feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

How long does this usually take? I already paid in full on October 27th. (The formal message never came)
Thank you


Mine took 3 weeks to ship and maybe another week to actually get to me. Paid in full also-


@Kaneh We usually ship within 3 weeks of final payment but these border delays have slowed some orders down. We expect to be able to ship units again within 2-3 weeks.

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@Kaneh To add onto what @GroboJason said, we are actually setting up a fulfillment center in the US right now. That way all of your orders will ship from within the US moving forward so that you no longer need to worry about customs!


Thanks for the info! :grin:

Does that include the people (me) who received a Notice of Seizure from US Customs and Border Protection. Six page letter explaining my options which must be done from 30 days of date of letter.
( November 8, 2018) The actions include
Petition, Offer in Compromise, Abandon, Court Action, Take no Action.

Hey @FishinFool

Sorry to hear about the issue. First off I would send a support ticket to so your issue isn’t missed via a forum post. Not sure how often they check the forums. I’ve tagged @GroboJason for you. :+1:

The fact it got seized is a bit alarming since a growbox on its own it’s not illegal. Keep us posted on your results, I’m pretty sure the Grobo team will sort you out quickly. :+1:


Looks like @Azuri has me covered!

@FishinFool if you shoot me that email I can provide you an update!


Great idea Bjorn, will you have all the extras there as well? Ie nutes, filters etcetc?

Yup we will. As of today, we are now shipping all five bottles, filters, and coco pods from New York.

We expect to fulfill orders that include support racks starting next week.

Grobos will begin shipping from New York this week, but it will take a couple weeks for us to catch up again.

Getting this up and running has been a huge task, but it should make for a much better shopping experience. Once drying racks arrive in the US, all new consumable orders will be shipped within 48 hours!


Well done mate. I’m impressed with what you all have accomplished. Sorry to have left on a sour note(my doing, which I’m happy to take responsibility for), but you guys are ramping up. I still have my unit and am waiting till you bring things a bit further, but I applaud you efforts and forward movement thus far. I may wait for the grobo 2.0, but I may pay to come back online, we’ll see, but that is a question for another time. Congrats on all your new accomplishments thus far and I’m peeking in to see what’s next. I wish you nothing short of absolute success!!! Carpe Diem brother. My best to all.



Thanks Jerry! Happy to see that you’re still around the community :slight_smile:


Any update?

My order number is 2810

Thank you

Yeah just received first shipment which was the nutes, pods, and filters. Waiting for unit to ship. This was from @GroboJason “ Right now we are separating orders between the accessories and other repair parts and kits in split orders while we finalize things with our fulfillment center. We are working on getting your accessories over to you as soon as we can!“
I’m guessing that getting the fulfillment center for the units themselves has more red tape to cut through ¯_(ツ)_/¯

@Kaneh if you send us a support ticket I would be happy to track down more details!

@FishinFool Shipping units is indeed a different process than our accessories and repair parts and has different requirements. The exciting part is things are moving!


What the latest story on shipping to US. I ordered back in October. I keep seeing “a couple of weeks”. Any updates would be appreciated.

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I ordered in October and mine still says “Production Scheduling”. The response to all my emails say issue at border and we are sorry.
But if my GROBO which I paid in full in October is still in “Scheduling” then why can’t someone at least give me some sort of info. $2000 is a lot of money to NOT be given any information.


6 weeks. No Grobo :confused:

@Kaneh @Aganno @Gonzotonto1 @GroboJason Working out the bugs from trying to get US fulfillment centers going and lining up reliable domestic shippers. IMO :thinking: :muscle: mine was ordered in September…of 16. I can wait longer. I know I’ll be rewarded :grin:

I am not a happy camper.

Ordered and paid for a unit on November 1st with the understanding that it would be in my hands within one to three weeks and have planned my finances accordingly. I have already lost up to a half of a growing season and gone through three weeks of my supply which I had expected to last for four months. Then I will now have to pay to replenish, with money that I really don’t have since I purchased a Grobo.

Not only that, the reason I smoke is because I don’t deal with this type of anxiety well. I woke up at midnight and have worried about this situation every since.

You are quoting Jan 4th delivery on new purchases through Amazon?
The credit card company charges me 16% which works out to about $27.00 a month for 2K.

In other words, let me know exactly when I will get my box or a refund.

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