She's dying

Transplanted a couple of days ago from grobo start. Bottle number 2 went way down. Plant wasn’t looking great. Put a bit of hydro guard in. Next day did drain/fill thinking a fresh start may help. I marked the bottles and think bottle 4 didn’t fire? Bottle 2 moved just a bit, but I was afraid it would suck up a bunch again, so took the whole bottle out over night. It’s been back in since this morning. Doesn’t appear to have moved. I’ve tested the ph calibration a couple times with no issue found. I just poured some of number 4 into the reservoir in a last ditch effort to save her. I’ve thought shock due transplant? She has already fought off damping off, but was looking good again. Shock? Somethingwith the hydroguard? Kind of looks like a nitrogen deficiency too, but that’s just me looking for answers online. This is a “new” old machine that I’ve never grown in before. My other grobo is down too and I think I’m going to end up with 2 dead plants. Any thoughts or ideas? :bulb:

Day 6/14 Late Veg. Photoperiod Trainwreck from ILGM. Water temp 66.9, box 68 degrees F, 42% humidity