Shark attack

hey guys im in week 9 for my dinafem shark attack. She seems to be quite short and not sure if i chose the right recipe. I used generic hybrid as that was the closest. Should I lollipop now or see if she will stretch a bit more? Also I have 9 jars of ona gel and it hadnt helped with the smell.


Is she an auto?
What stage is she in?
Your Ona is not anywhere near your Grobo is it?
How old is your filter?

Damn, 9 ona gels? That’s a lot O_O You would think it would be doing something… I think when you open the Grobo there is no way to contain the smell it’s more or less for when the unit’s closed to help with that…

Unfortunately the smell will only get worse from here as she starts flowering more.

Here are 4 solutions to work around the smell if it’s a huge issue:

  1. @SWSVIC 's system (I currently use this, he has suggested a G-Hydro Carbon Filter instead of the one listed on this page. I’ve yet to enter flower so I can’t tell you it works well but he has said that with the doors closed it helps a ton):

  2. @KeefGreenLeef 's system:

  3. Using ONA Gel to try to suck up some of the smells… Available on Grobo’s site, but currently sold out… Can find on Amazon as well
    Ona Block Pro (6oz) | Odor Neutralizer – Grobo 2 (Obviously this isn’t working for you, I’ve heard a lot of people say it doesn’t work I guess)

  4. Buying a tent with a carbon filter system and placing Grobo inside it… I know…very far reach here ><

oh, and

  1. Tape up all the seals around the unit… this still doesn’t work 100% but I can’t imagine it wouldn’t help a tiny bit.

As far as the recipe… I don’t think using Generic Hybrid is a bad choice because it will be a very neutral recipe for almost any type of strain not listed on the Grobo’s list, and many have used it to success. Genetics play a large role in the height of your plant, and any stressors that have battled the plant along the way, main ones being whether or not you extended veg states due to defoliation techniques or topping, pH issues, heat stress, humidity, slowed growth of any kind… etc.

Your #1 and #2 bottles look really low in my opinion… I’m not an expert but I’m entering week #5 and my bottles are very close to full, about an inch gone from both. So by that rate, I’d have another inch gone by week #10 and my bottles would still be 2/3 of the way full or more. Maybe the picture is just showing the levels weird, but they look nearly empty soon. If that’s the case, then you might want to calibrate your pH probe ASAP and give it a look to see how the health check goes. Wrong pH could have slowed the growth of your plant possibly. But I’m still learning, so don’t quote me on that.

Do you use tap water, distilled, or RO?


I have a couple ona around the unit and dispersed through the room which is very well ventilated. I am in my 9th week and the filter is the original that came with the unit and this is my second grow. But 1st grow was equally bad with the smell

Hi thank you for all the info. I use dominatly distilled water and will substitute with RO when I’m low on distilled. My bottles are low because they are still left over from 1st grow. I had an issue in the beginning of this grow with a dirty ph wand which I cleaned and recalibrated. I think my main concern is im not sure if I should change the schedule do to the size of the plant or just keep fingers crossed for compact dense buds

Gotcha, that would explain why they are so low.

What stage is the grow in? Have you switched to 12/12 light cycle yet? It looks like she might already be starting to flower… if I zoom in on your picture at the bottom front middle I feel like it looks like it’s already started popping out some pistils… but maybe I’m just inexperienced and not sure what I’m looking at cuz that could be a real truth :slight_smile:

Like right here:

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I beleive it looks like its starting to sprout. Im Not sure about the light cycle as the grobo does it automatically. I appreciate all the feed back. Trust me as far as Knowledge is concerned ur light years ahead of me on this

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What recipe stage are you in ? Transition ? Flowering ?

Week 9. Looks like the start of flowering. I just sent grobo a support ticket. Hopefully they can give me better insight if I need to change anything or just shut up and be patient :slight_smile:

Week 9 is not a good description of where your plant is because every stage starts at week 1.
Example of stages:

Early vegetation
Late vegetation

You have to be sure of the stages going forward because they tell a lot about the plant.
If your on week 9 of flower there is a problem somewhere.
Ona is not supposed to be used in the same room as grobo.
Your plant looks healthy so it could be problem of just not knowing when to advance or not advance the stages.

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This is what my machine is saying


I wish my plants would all grow that squat. I am using a 4 foot tall tent, & everything so far has gone straight up to the lights. Big problem. I just bought a 6 foot tent and intend to use the 4-footer for strains such as Lowryder. Nice-looking plant, BTW.


Okay, thanks for sending that picture of the stages. Your plant is behind schedule by a lot. I can’t really tell you why this has happened without hearing about the earlier stages of the grow and such, but you definitely need to keep extending flower at this point.

Your light cycle more than likely should be working at a 12 hour ON and 12 hour OFF by now for weeks…I’d double check that it’s doing that properly, cuz typically that is going to tell your plant’s internal clock to start making flowers since the days just got shorter for her (It used to be 18 hours ON, and 6 hours OFF aka Summer Nights, lots of sun) There is a small chance there is a glitch that it’s not doing that properly and that would have kept your plant in vegetative state indefinitely. Week 4 of flower you should have some nice developed buds more than likely on a typical photoperiod grow.

Do you know when your lights turn off and when they turn on?

I think you’re going to have to keep extending flower for atleast another month honestly looking at your plant’s current stage.

The bright side is that it looks healthy and I think it looks like it’s already starting flower so it’s well on it’s way, just going to take longer than you planned I bet.

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Week 4 of flower.
You could have went through your stages too fast and probably should have extended late veg a couple weeks.

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If you’re looking for real stopping power smell wise pick up the gallon size bucket of Ona Pro with the “breeze” fan lid, it will KO the smell of your plant and then some.

Ona Bundle - Ona Breeze Fan & Pro 1 Gallon Pail - odor neutralizer gel control


I use the same in my smoking room and it works great!

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