Setup: Installing Sensors - blue red black left right huh?

Heyo group! Trying to be precise while following the setup instructions.

I understand there are two sensors:
pH Sensor (liquid in the capsule), red rubber piece
EC Sensor (no liquid), black rubber piece

The instructions (setup/install-sensors/511080138) say to install the blue sensor on the left and the black sensor on the right.

Am I over thinking this too much? I don’t have anything that is blue. I have a red and a black one.
Or does it really not matter, just throw them in there?

Helllppp! :slight_smile: Thanks!!

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It doesn’t matter. The probes should have proper isolation built in the system to give the machine proper readings regardless of which hole you put it in.


Ok, thank you!! :slight_smile: I figured as much, but the setup instructions seem specific that blue goes on the left!! :slight_smile: