Setting up the Grobo

Not sure if I should set up the Grobo and get it all ready even though my seeds aren’t ready… I haven’t started using the app. I haven’t gotten water… nothing… I knw I such a rookie!!!

What should I do??

What do my fellow growers suggest?

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You can still turn on and get ready.

If you don’t have the water you can’t do a full setup but I would familiarize myself with the app incase you have questions.
P.s. Your seeds showing any white specks? If so they can be planted, speck down. I would go and get my water and start my grow.

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I went out got my water and planted her! She had already popped after about 22 hours in paper towel.

So I followed each step of the video and app and my Granddaddy Purp is officially in motion!

Thank you so much for all the advice and tips! Thanks to all the growers who reached out! I feel like we are in this journey together!

Thank you!


Anytime! :eyes::seedling: