Setting myself up for success

So I’m about to start my first grow in a little over a week after I come home from vacation, so I can be here to babysit my little one 24/7. I’m looking for tips on if there’s anything else I should get without modifying my Grobo. I already have magnetic hooks, gardening twine, 2 computer style fans, temp/ humidity display, my house temp is 67 at all times, dehumidifier, and hydrogaurd. I’m also thinking of sanitizing my unit, and checking the calibration of my ph probe before firing it up for the first time. Any suggestions on anything else?


Sounds like you’re set up for success!

A few things you’ll want to add:

  • Advanced nutrients “Revive”
  • Two 5 gallon buckets w/ volume measurement (one for drain hose one for fill hose)
  • Precision pruning shears
  • Blue Labs pH/EC meters
  • Blue Labs pH & EC calibration solutions
  • Water temp thermometer
  • 10mL Luer Lock syringes (for adding Hydroguard to res after you fill)
  • 10” Luer Lock syringe needles (for adding Hydroguard to res after you fill)
  • Trim tray
  • Curing jars w/ built in humidistat
  • Backup air pump
  • 60x Jewelers loupe and/or good digital microscope (for checking trichomes for ripeness)

Ok thank you. I do already have buckets, I had got the bigger kit when I first ordered my Grobo so I have their kind of pruning shears. I also got 10 of each solutions for Ph calibration. I’ll go to my local hydro shop and see about the syringes, water temp probe, aerator, and if they have revive. They had hydrogaurd so I would assume they’d have revive. If not I have prime. I’m sure I could get it quick if not🙌🏼


You can order everything I listed on amazon as well. :+1:

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I just saved that list, thanks @SWSVIC!!!


Decided to give this stuff a go instead. Was at the local grow shop picking up a few things. Started talking to the owner and he highly recommend them. Anyone try them before?


You won’t need hydroguard with the root wizard, it’s got the same thing among other stuff in it.


Yea that what they guy was saying. Said this stuff is better.