I was wondering, I just ended my grow and emptied the reservoir but forgot to put the sensor in the solution. Does that mean I’ll have to buy a new sensor?

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If you still have the solution, great! I would put it in but make sure there isn’t any gunk on the sensors. All my solution evaporated so I just used tap water but I was starting a grow almost right away so I figured it was fine. It should be kept in a proper solution. If it hasn’t been out for too long you could try and save it but put it in now! Lol.


Well I’m away now till late Tuesday as my brother had open heart surgery and now won’t be able to do anything till then so I imagine my bad and will have to replace

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Oh wow, hope everything is okay! Bright side it’s just a sensor and it can me easily replaced I’m sure

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You won’t necessarily have to replace it. You’ll more likely have to recalibrate the ph probe. For future reference, you can put the probe in tap water for short periods, but should use ph probe storage solution for longer periods of storage.:+1::v:


Hey, what do you think is the longest it can be dried out for before it becomes unsavable?

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I don’t know exactly. You’d have to do a health check and calibration to see but I would think more than a couple days could hurt it