Selling my Grobo

I have owned my Grobo since mid October 2018 just prior to Canada’s legalization of recreational cannabis use. I bought the unit because it is the perfect tool for a beginner or someone who doesn’t want to be too hands on with the growing process. I found this perfect when first starting out and I was able to progress from knowing nothing about growing to having 4 successful grows in the Grobo. The main reason I want to sell the unit is that I’m moving on to a more hands on approach with a full tent set up. I was introduced to tent grows from my brother and I absolutely love it.

The unit has been meticulously maintained by my very own OCD hands. Proper sanitization of the unit after every grow including cleaning and calibrating the pH probe after every single grow. The pH probe is back in its original tube filled with KCI solution.

When I first started using the unit I used distilled water only and after a couple of grows I upgraded to a more functional RO system.

I would like this unit to go to a new owner that is as passionate of growing as I am and someone who will take good care of the unit so that it provides you with success, grow after grow.

I don’t have pictures yet but I will be posting some up after I’m back from vacation. But I have a few pictures you can see from my previous grows.

I live in the Ottawa ON region and it would be a pick up only as I do not have a vehicle that can transport it.

Please DM me if you are interested and also for my asking price.