Selling Grobo Solid Mint Condition $995

Perfect working order with nutrients, and coco pod. (No Window)
Great machine if you live in small quarters. I would keep it if I lived in NYC.
I started growing with a tent in my basement.
I just like growing in soil.
Pick up in St. Louis MO.
I’ll drive it to nearby cities Chicago, Memphis, Nashville, Indianapolis, Louisville, Kansas City) for an extra $600.
Please message me if interested.


still have?

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yes, where are you located?

So I am in brambleton VA … Not sure how to ship. I’d pay

I’m in brambleton VA. Will pay shipping … As long as it’s not completely insane like 400

i’ll have to take it to a ups store and see, I’ll get back to you this week.

sounds good man

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Never heard back from u

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did u sell it?

no, its just a big chore to take it to the UPS or fedex, Ill try this week

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This thing cant really be shipped properly, too much risk of damage. The manufacturer is the only place that can ship properly. If you want to pick it up I’ll drop the price to $500. I’m in St. Louis MO. Actually its better if you have experience growing before using this. Contrary to how its marketed, its actually not good for beginners. Good for apts and such but if you have a bit of room better to get a tent, light and grow in soil. Also you can only grow one plant. All that time and work for maybe an ounce if everything goes right.

thx for trying