Selling Grobo premium

My Grobo premium only been use once for a 5 month grow. I am selling it because it Wasent what I expected and don’t want it anymore I lost interested.
This one comes with a whole new set of unopen nutrients and what’s left of the older ones which is pretty full. Sheer to cut plants. Magnetic cases to hold the sheets 12 metal racks wires. New carbon filter. Coco pod. Everything you would need to start a new grow as if the machine was brand new I kept it clean and safe. As well as the probes have been kept safe and wet.
I think $2000 is a reasonable price since a brand new one cost 2300 and this one is practically new and comes with all the asscesories as well. I can negotiate the price if need be. I live in nyc so if you want to come pick it up let me know. 3478251030