Selling Grobo Premium Never Used Before for 1000$


I am in New Orleans and am selling a never before used Grobo Premium for 1000$ (Originally 2000$). If you cover the shipping it’s yours. It is still in its original packaging and ready for use.

Let me know if you are interested!

Thank you


Wow, wish I lived closer.

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Message me - I can pick up :relieved:


Hi! Sorry for the late reply. For some reason it is not letting me message you!

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Sorry about that, I’ll try to message you. I need another cup of coffee :coffee:

My account? I’m confused

I’m sorry! I confused, my fault! I thought this was another thread!

Are you still interested in purchasing?

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Yes, I just sent you a private message :+1:t3:

If this is still available PM me

I have a like new premium I’m trying to sell. Check my post history. Pretty sure we could make a deal!