Hey guys I’m looking for some other good seed banks. I ordered my first batch of seeds from ILGM(seen others on here with success from them). Seen ppl talk about Barney’s, and a few others(can’t remember the others names though). Looking for great genetics. Just want some different options, and to expand my supply😂 let me know who your favs are please. Thanks in advance🙌🏼

I use seedsman often. They have many well known breeders and often have ridiculous deals. Usually get more free seeds than I buy


Here’s a list of some seed banks.


I typically order from seedsman, usually takes around 2 weeks from date of order until I receive the seeds. They are one of the more reliable seed banks outside of the US. They ship the seed in bulk to a hub in the U.S. and then they are sent to the customer.

Whatever you do STAY AWAY from True North seed bank, they are shady as fuck and do not offer any germination guarantee like pretty much everyone else. That and you have to pay extra for delivery insurance. I sent them a rather blunt email when none of my Zkittlez seeds germinated. They will eventually have to either man up and offer a guarantee or they will go out of business. Once upon a time they were the recommended seed bank by Grobo. Now they have a direct link to IGLM, which is shady in a totally different way.

@SWSVIC and I were discussing IGLM and how they seem to rebrand other breeders seeds. Something that I am not crazy about because you cannot trace the genetics for the seeds they are selling. Say you want to buy some THC Bomb seeds from them. You don’t know if you are getting the Bomb seeds genetic strain or some shitbird who uses his meth lab for seeds also.


Wow, good to know since my first seeds were ordered via ILGM recommended by Grobo. Yikes! :grimacing:

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