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I suppose this is appropriate topic choice for this question.
What are everyone’s favorite sweet and sweet and fruity strains that do well in the grobo? I’m partial to Indica hybrids but open to all. I’m sensitive to peppery strains! (As well as too much black pepper in my food lol). Seriously, if I use a peppery strain to make cannaoil and make cookies or brownies, I’ll have a peppery aftertaste even after eating chocolate.Something to bear in mind when thinking if strains to suggest. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dispensaries are now open here and after 1/1/21 seeds are supposed to be purchased from local state dispensaries only. :face_vomiting: :dollar: :dollar:, and really, I bought a 30 seed pack so that’s going to last me a while, but I doubt I’ll have good options much less price! The couple dispensaries that have opened are selling eighths for $65-100, only 3 strains available so far. :rofl:



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Sounds like Missouri would be a hotspot to get into the pot business and capitalize on the green rush.

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That’s what a lot of people here in Vermont thought once the feds legalized commercial growing of CBD cannabis. The first season the market was so flooded that 3/4 of the growers went out of business. The 1/4 that remained in business did so by a combination of luck and having much more capital. When THC cannabis is legalized the market will more than likely be a buyers market, and a majority of the growers won’t be able to afford to continue growing. Especially indoors, which has a steep initial investment.


A buddy of mines just opened up operations in Michigan and waiting for permits to approve, hes thinking he’ll be fully operational by end of year. He’s saying its really hot in Michigan since anything decent there is like $80 per 8th and everything else is booty. He did say however, its going to be his last hail Mary before retiring in the cannabis industry since big corp is already starting to take over.


Oh gosh, the growers here have been waiting forEVER to get going, so have the dispensaries, and the licensing is a bitch. The so-called lottery for who got approved to grow, who got approved to cook, etc, was so much hassle and I think is still going on. The few that have opened are getting the chance to learn while other’s are being held back for reasons unknown, and because growers were put off, and we all know all challenging growing can be, stock can’t meet current demand. What a cluster!

A friend of mine who works for a small city in St. Louis said her council was pushing HARD for a dispo for the capital it would bring but lost. My city is supposed to eventually get something like 8 or 12??, but the only one I know of, whose website has said “coming soon” for a year, is an empty shell of a building.

What I think the smart move to do with cannabis becoming such a booming business everywhere, is to find the right companies to invest in that are super dirt cheap, like um, investing in Apple in 1980. :thinking: Ya know, invest $100-$200 now, be a millionaire in 5 years? :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :swimming_woman: Only I don’t know what company that is.


There will probably be a steep drop in prices for weed for the first couple months due to market saturation. I know from talking to my cousins in Colorado that there was a brief spike in pricing at first, but once the initial novelty wore off prices dropped. From what I remember, it took about 18 months for the market to normalize.

Its similar to when a company goes public and the stock value briefly spikes when the investors from the initial purchase offering offload their IPO shares. Happened with Facebook if you want an example.

I think once the stores and growers who sell and grow their own high quality bud separate them self’s from the meth heads trying to grow weed in the same stuff they cook their meth in, the market will quickly normalize.

I would be worried about people who invest heavily in a grow operation that cuts corners and goes under quick because they can’t produce any quality bud.

It’s a market I would steer clear of until it normalizes. Then I would look at investing in a quality company, or start my own, small at first but expand as I build a solid reputation.


If you ever want to do a seed swap - I would definitely be interested. :green_heart:


My friend is sending variety batch of underdawg cross-bred seeds to me when he’s done drying and separating them (probably in a week or 2) if you wanna swap some. They are regular seeds however. From what I’m told, the stud was a beast.


What are they cross bred with? I never thought of that before but I might be open to the idea. I’d want to try each of what I have to know what I’m more willing to part with and that could take quite a while. Underdawg sounds like a real pain killer which is right up my alley, and I can do earthy and sweet! :+1:

What do you have @Fluffhead?

I have Amnesia Haze, Chocolope, and Big Bud, all fem photo from ILGM. I also have a few bag seeds.

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I’ll find out more when they arrive. I can dm you the menu he has during this run.