Seedling Stretching in Grobo 🤔

Thanks for your reassurance!

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@SWSVIC I hope this helps!

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We can’t see your light lol

Also, that seedling scares me for some reason lmao

@Hellyesshedid. Sorry! Here it is. Sorry for the lines, I can’t get it to go away. And yes the seedling in that picture was done, unfortunately.

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Thanks @pha720 ! Even with the lines, I he light appears to be extremely similar, I would rule that out @Hellyesshedid

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Looked my second grow that fell over after 40 days😭.

I’m growing 8 Ball Kush and thats what my sproutling looked like after it popped. I have a feeling that its due to genetics. The stem will thicken up as it gets older and taller, I doubt it has anything to do with the LED lights, if there was one out I would imagine it would stunt the growth.

Are you growing an indica strain?

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Hybrid Auto - Jack Herer from Seedsman

I think you’re right

Give it another week or so and see what she ends up doing. Have you searched for any grow journals on that exact genetic outside of All Growers?

I did the first time around and nothing came up. I wish I knew who was really behind the seeds since apparently Seedsman gets their seeds from brands they trust and have a relationship with and then they sell it with their name.


Probably the same case with many of the “wholesale” type seed banks such as ILGM, Growers Choice, etc… check out the higher end offerings at Neptune Seed Bank, Speakeasy Seed Bank, Insane Seeds, Horror Seeds, and Thinktank Seed Bank (on IG) for your future grows.

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Did you see my last grow? This was it after refusing to terminate and seeing it through all the way to the end …

hahaha nice


If you’re worried about yield and have good sunlight outside you could cheat the genetics a bit by using vermicompost and LST.

The bottom pic is a plant that was prolly 3 wks cuz of stunting from poor lighting n lack of nuts. :sweat_smile: Happened while I was waiting on my tent to clear customs…