Seedling Problems

Hi All,

I have a young 2 week old seedling in my Grobo Unit, and have noticed these rust colored spots appearing on my leaves. I’ve sent tickets to Grobo, but since they’re only open Monday-Friday, I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to fix this problem.

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Its likely a deficiency and once they get the ticket they can help. You’ll be OK until then and eventually you’ll cut them off


@bjorn , would anyone be available to respond to my Grobo tickets? My plant is now dropping even more, and the rust spots are bigger.

New growth looks fine… that seems like a ph issue … if those dots occur on new growth then I would worry …



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(Check your [PHprobe] [PHsensor]):

New Calibration Video

New Calibration Video - #2 by SilverGrobo - Community - AllGrowers Forum | Hydroponics, Harvesting, Cannabis, and more


(If it needed to be recalibrated you could do a [Drain/Fill] to recover the water issue):


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