Seed Trades-

Hi Everyone- Anyone interested in seed trading :grin:
If u want to offer something. Hit me in the DM.

First List: Euro Seeds ( A friend pass on to me as he stopped growing)

Barneys Farm: Blue Shark|Blue Cheese|CBD Shark|CBD-Fem 3x
Barneys Farm|Critical Cure CBD|Critical mass||CBD-Fem 3x
Barneys Farm : 8 ball Kush|Bubba kush|King|Fem 3x
Barneys Farm : Blue Cheese|Cheese|Blueberry|Fem 2x
Barneys Farm|:Tangerine Dream|G13|G13 x Nevilles Haze|Fem 2x
Barneys Farm: G-13|G13|Hawaii|Fem 3x
Barneys Farm : Cookie and Kush|GSC|Og Kush|Fem 2x
Barneys Farm: Acapulco Gold|landrace||Fem 2x
Barneys Farm: LSD|Mazar|Shunk #1|Fem x 2
Barneys Farm: Peyote Critical|Peyote Purple critical Mass|Fem 15x
Barneys Farm: Pineapple Chunk|Pineapple|Cheese|Fem 2x
Barneys Farm:Red Dragon|Utopia Haze|Humalaya|Fem 3x

Royal Queen Seeds : Sour diesel ( Chemdawg|Mass super skunk ) Fem x 3
Royal Queen Seeds(Shining silver Haze-) |lemon shunk|Amenesia Haze|Fem x3
Royal Queen Seeds: Diesel Auto Fem:

Th Seeds: Mk Ultra 5x Seeds

Humbolt Seed Org: Blue Dream x2 Fem
Humbolt Seed Org: Lemon Thai Kush x 3 Fem
Humbolt Seed Org: Chemdog x3 Fem
Humbolt Seed Org: Og Kush x 3 Fem

Dinafem : Critical Jack : Auto Fem x 2
Dinafem Cheese XXL Fem Auto: X 2
DinaFem : Blue cheese Fem x 2

G13 Labs : Pineapple Express Fem Auto x 5
Green House Seeds : King Kush x 2 Fem

Exotic Seeds: Lemon Candy x 2 Fem
Expert Seeds : Gorilla Cookies ( GG4 x forum cookies ) x2 Fem


Damn that’s quite the library bro…:sunglasses:

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Oh crap man what a collection!! Ever tried growing Royal queen’s royal gorilla?? Supposed to have top thc percentages that are p. high!!

Haven’t heard of that one… have u grown yourself?

No I really want to but I couldn’t get seeds delivered to my area before October, or without having to purchase bitcoin, so I went with a different distributor.

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I try not to buy over sees anymore. Too risky - In losing seeds

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@ChopJ, I have grown royal gorilla :gorilla:, look through my grows on the thread and you’ll find it! I love it! Easy to grow, high thc, beautiful flowers and she stacks nice and the buds are dense. Get that if you can. I just ordered more from seedsman. Plus royal gorilla auto, mystic cookies, Forum stomper auto, and some others. I love white widow, mystic cookies, royal gorilla, forum stomper, and a new strain I just harvested pink lemonade v.2 from Ananukai (something like that) seeds on the website seeds for here are a couple pics of the p. Lemonade v2

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My list is small…I can’t hang with the big dogs yet…
@chris_barfield, what brand white widow did you like? My seedsnan brand had issues.
Garden of Green: Cali bay dream
Expert Seeds: Zkittlez Glue
Garden of Green: Girls Scout cookies
Fast Buds: West Coast O.G. auto
Expert Seeds: Chemdog Gorilla
Seedsman: White widow
Seedsman: Bubba Kush
Garden of Green: Kush n Cookies
Seedsman: Cheese
Garden of Green: Kosher Kush
Nirvana Seeds: Blue Dream
Garden of Green: Super Criticle Bud CBD
Various: Unidentified seeds

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White widow has been evaded by most of the newer breeders so I’m not sure who is still making good beans of that… honestly

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Try different seedbanks true north and them have just old shit honestly