Seed germination

Trying to get seed started. Doesn’t look right
What is going on. Over a week


If it was me I would start a new seed

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Already moved on to another seed. Just wondering what is going on. $16 seed. Ugh

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I understand where your coming from…

It kind of looks like mold on the seed? Did you keep the seed very wet? If so best is moist not wet

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Just kept moist like I have done on other grows. Oh well. I guess there is a bad seed here and there. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Really not 100% why it happened over wet was my best guess… Maybe contact the breeder maybe there is something they will do for you… Doesn’t hurt to ask

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It looks like you may have hatched one of the face suckers from the Alien movies.

If you have any Orca you can use that to help germinate. That’s what I’m doing right now with an OG Kush seed I’m getting ready to plant in my tent.

Great idea. Thanks for advice!

Right this seed looks scary …Where do you get Orca?