Seed City

So, I just placed an order with and I’m hopeful. They are a UK distributor but have a line of great breeders listed. Once I receive the order I will be eager to try out these seeds! They don’t offer a guarantee and they’re UK based, but to order from multiple genetics in the same order seemed like it was worth a shot…:crossed_fingers:t2:!


Nice i liked the UK provider i tried twice now. I think youll be in for some good herb :slight_smile:

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Who do you go through?

Royal Queen Seeds UK
The two grows i got were not huge (first grows) but exceptional smoke and flavor.

Seedsman is pretty good also.

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Looked into seedsman, like all the freebies. Unfortunately, they aren’t allowing new people to register.

@FireGuy Did you check out Pacific Seed Bank? I just ordered some seeds through them and they had a pretty quick turn around on shipping.

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I ordered some “9lb :hammer: autos” from them with bad results. First seed germinated but never took root, second seed rooted but was not a good looking plant, chalked it up to bad genetics of a rebranded seed.

Ah, seed-city, their website has a weird Halloween green motif to it. I ordered from them in the past and it went really well. They have some good Jamaican strains too!

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I’ve got a nice little haul comin!