See-thru glass door

Could you elaborate on that please? Do you mean your fluid glass is loose to the touch or is it that you are having trouble getting your door to lock? If it is the glass I have no idea what to do besides let the team know. If it’s the door, try bending the tab on the inside of the door up slightly. It will allow the mechanism on the inside top to engage with the tab and thus lock the door. Hope I was a bit of assistance. :scream:

@ rouleauj my door is locking and unlocking but it needs for you to put significant force before you try to tap the button from the app. My fluid glass doesn’t seem to be loose however there are large gaps between the glass itself and the frame.

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@Gatorsfn28 my glass kind of looks like that too… but from what I understand they kind of designed it that way … they assured us all that no light gets inside unless you use a cop spotlight on it lol… but your box took a beating … mine came in a little jacked up too but not like yours …

Mine is like that too. I put a ticket in for it when I first got my unit it. My glass wasn’t loose and it doesn’t leak light, It just cosmetically ugly. Here’s mine :point_down:

@Azuri did the Grobo team do anything for you, as in give you fix it solutions? Mine looks like all the rest of the pictures on here. Glass isn’t loose or anything just looks like you said “cosmetically ugly”.

I put a ticket in, nothing as far as my unit was resolved for that issue. :slightly_frowning_face:

Can you clean the glass window with Windex or does it have to be something different? @bjorn

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This should help… :wink::green_thumb:


@Ctaylor684 Awesome question, this article should help: How do I clean my Grobo? – Grobo Help Center

In short, you don’t want to use any Windex. It’s best to use a micro fibre cloth if you have one around!


Thank you Ms. @SilverGrobo and @bjorn thank you Sir much appreciated.