Second grow, yellow after germination

second grow, i attempted and it was germinating fine, then all of a sudden started to turn yellow then basically died. Any reason this would happen?
Only thing i can think of is i didnt do a good enough clean before starting second grow.
I didnt do any sanitation or vinegar cleaning, I did a half a** job.

for my third attempt i did a in depth cleaning with vinegar and mad sure scrubbed down everything, just waiting for my pods to come in mail now to restart

see pictures

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It looks fine man, she looks like a lighter green that’s normal especially if being so young, try not to mess with the plant so much especially in it’s baby stage, we humans over think way too much and forget these plants grow in nature all the time in their own



  • (#SoSorryToSeeThis): (Was Your Coco-Pod Wet Or Dry [Top/Bottom] When You Ended Grow): (Did You Ever Investigate Her Afterward):? :question:


  • Grow Journal - 'Green Crack (Sativa)' {LossOurGreenCrackGrow}:

  • (As You Can See In This Picture Our [GreenCrackGrow] We Loss; The Root Was Twisted -And- [Coco-Pod] Was Strangling The Tip Of It): (I Have Dreams Of Saving Her By Quickly Untangling It -And- Cleaning Off The Strangling Piece): (Notice [Coco-Pod] Was Turning [Green/Black] On Top):


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Hey @kushgrowbo,

Did you clean and calibrate your probe at the beginning of this grow? Reach out to and we can help investigate if things go south on you.


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