Second Grow - Bomb Seeds - THC Bomb

8 Ball Kush is drying. Cleaned out the Grobo and after debating the meaning of life with myself, I decided to go with THC Bomb rather than Gorilla Bomb. Little nervous about running out of room if I went with the Gorilla Bomb.


Good luck on this grow!


Good luck! Looking forward to seeing your harvest from the 8 ball!


Forgot to mention that I put about 2 mL of Orca on the pod after the seed was in it. Took a quick peek and the tap root is already poking through the seed shell.

I have been using Orca to saturate the area around the seed in my tent and so far I am 100% germination, and the seedling pokes through the coco after only 2 days on average. I was averaging 4-5 days before I started doing this.

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False alarm, she hasn’t popped yet. Put a different seed in a glass of water just in case this one is a dud, which it’s looking to be.