Second.5 Grow - Gorilla Bomb

Little nervous about running out of room with this guy, but after the THC Bomb seed failed to germinate, I decided to germinate 3 seeds in a wet paper towel. The first one to pop was the Gorilla Bomb, so I decided to put her into the Grobo.

Cut a slit down the side of the coco pod and put the new sprout tap root down and started my grow. I ran into a bit of a pickle when I was getting the seeds ready to germinate. I managed to drop 2 of them on the floor, so when the next one sprouts I will have no idea if it’s a Gorilla Bomb or THC Bomb. :rofl:


Better luck on this one! Oh so for your next seed, it’ll be like having a baby in the old days when you don’t know what it is until the end then? As long as it’s healthy weed, that’s all that matters! :joy:

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Looks like I’ll have a plethora of Gorilla Bomb to harvest in about 4 months. Both Gorilla Bomb seeds popped, the THC Bomb that I pulled out of my Grobo did not germinate.

Looks like I need to stock up on mason jars, don’t think the 4 that I have will be enough.

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Nice!!! If you need to know where to share… :wink: