Just for fun as I didn’t realize I was growing an auto until far too late on the game for it to matter much, but here is my first attempt at schwazzing and not really knowing what I’m doing w/ this technique other than what I’ve read and seen in videos. Good practice though


Surprised at how well it bounced back and buds are forming

Pics from yesterday


That’s an auto?if so how old did you do that to her James

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According to packaging it is. It was a freebie that came with a large order of random seeds.

I did the schwazzing (ridiculous name btw) or deep defoliation about 14 days ago. Just prior to flip. This Jack47 is sitting in a tent with InHouse stuff I’m also manifolding. I notice something was up when I started to see the change happening with lights at 18/6

I don’t expect much yeild from this plant so it was a fun experiment.


Sent you a note earlier about placing plastic lids and putting some of my lava stones with water and then placing them around in the planters plate, while lights are on to bring up my humidity… struggling to keep in mid 50’s.! It been lower. It’s always 90 and humid so I keep on inside all the time at 74. Would this help I have seen this greenhouses…

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Sorry I haven’t been on, I’ll get around to them this afternoon. My apologies for the delay

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I am retired and home all da so I can monitor it

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No problem by the way they are looking great😎They are medical auto… should be getting my nutes in the 1st. according to Amazon. I have four boxes of nutes and all excited, but only to discover they all are hydroponic. I needed to order soil! Rookie mistake


@James I was also surprised at how well my two autos (in grobo) took to topping, didn’t expect them to recover as they did while recovering from root issues. I did foliar feed to help them through that, with 1/2 strength nutes/silica. That’s awesome to see you’ve manifolded and shwazzed. :slight_smile:

On one of them I continued giving haircuts while the flowers were starting to form (not much, but enough to clear the light) - that was a mistake. That one had already hermi’d (noticed while doing that) and the additional cuts caused her to rush to finish flowering (started draining nutrients from remaining leaves). Removed the balls but missed a couple and ended up with mostly seeds on that one.

The other one doesn’t seem to have been hit by the pollen but it might be too early to tell. It was a few weeks behind and it was only 1 ball that opened up of a set of 3 that I missed halfway up a branch. Will find out in the coming weeks.


James the water and the rocks with the plastic jar trick worked ! My humidity has need holding steady between 60-65 all day… with lights on f course


That’s Awesome @vegetato and unfortunate! I’d really like to see some pics if you have them! I’m hoping the second plant makes it. I’ve check mine every day. Keeping my fingers crossed for both our plants :joy:.

I wanted to try some new stuff, document specifics and figure out what wasn’t possible for myself rather than taking a websites word for it. Growing bushes outdoors less than half a year isnt cutting it for me in the Midwest and it’s not nearly as fun (bugs are a lot of my outdoors issues). This prompted me to get indoors. Been reading a lot about “controversial” growing techniques like schwazzing, de-leafing, autos/not training them, micro grows, all types of interesting stuff and like everything else cannabis, you’ll find arguments made for and not. Only one way to really know and that’s doing it for yourself while following basic principals. Figured I’d share my experience with the community. Ive always foliar fed my cannabis and all other plants including indoor house plants :+1:. Watched YouTube videos of commercial growers successfully schwazzing so what the hell, game on for me. If I get an ounce from this auto and it’s decent quality I’ll consider it a win and I had fun doing it. I know for future grows what to remove and or not and how well this version of AK47 rebounded from aggressive training. This strain is far easier to train in-comparison to the slurricane.

I ended up buying a second small tent on the fly due to my mistakes staggering a few seeds into soil a weeks apart :man_facepalming: and not knowing this was an auto… Have a 3rd plant and some clones in which wasn’t anywhere near ready to flip growing in the other tent. Not reading the packaging to see that was an auto is my own stupidity. Growing pains… Imo it’s okay to not get an ideal yield out of one plant now that I have a rotation (the auto). Not sure what to expect from this one. The auto is really starting to make its push and catching up to the other plant which is atleast 2-3 weeks ahead of it and stacking fairly well so far only 2 weeks into flower, but still checking it everyday for sacks.

On a side note, this 8 cola manifold could fit inside the grobo. Train early and often. This one measures 13x13 fan leaf to fan leaf

Off topic, but I recently watched a Netflix program in regards to cannabis pros and industry insiders (trying to find it to share) and it was really interesting break down of the past few decades cannabis evolution and the “Boom” that’s taken place over the past few years. The short version of it is “cannabis is a booming shady industry controlled by evil mega corps now creating super THC by altering genetics” (que the ominous music) and highlight auto-seeds and how nobody truly knows what genetics they’re really getting at dispensaries. Interesting to hear professionals take on dispensaries, mega grow operations and the current state and future of cannabis regulation.

Glad you enjoyed the post. Got a new video in works and will get something up in the coming days

@buzzy6 sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Haven’t been checking AG nearly as often lately. If you send me a PM I get emails letting me know I have a message. Glad it worked out. Chris was right, cannabis has been growing just fine in lots of different conditions. Dialing in perfect temps is a losing battle. Getting in the ballpark is good enough.


I saw it as a win since she made it to an end that wasn’t early termination. Will try to plant a few of the seeds as some of them might be stable and I only had 1 of this strain (came as a freebie). It’s like getting 20 free plays at the lotto I figure. :tickets:


Rebounded fairly well after a week


This plant is stacking buds as it nears the end of its cycle. I will begin a 2 week flush this weekend as it approaches the 60 day mark in flower.

Look forward to using this technique in future grows. Trics are mostly clear, but they’re starting to change.


The Jack 47 - 8 colas are about 9-10 inches in length and packed pretty well. I have to admit that I was skeptical of this technique. Figure it was a fad and I’d have a small crop at best, but was going to be a learning experience. I didn’t expect much…

Much to my surprise; the plant didn’t herm & it turned out well after stripping almost all of its growth below the very top the day before flip to flower.

60 days ago

What a difference 60 days makes

7-14 days before harvest - flush begins tomorrow :seedling::+1:


Wow, that’s awesome. Schwazzing for the win lol :ok_hand: :+1:



First I want to say your Friends are cute: :sparkling_heart:



((#MassiveBuds)): :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart: