Saturday Night ...After a Smoke 💨

Saturday Evening …After Dinner …then a Smoke :dash: checked on the Girls
New Grow Light Rearranged things they are loving it … More Air flow …Good half Feed this morning really light mix …that one plant up front AONL to the left wants more N then the Others …the 2 LS in the Back love the feeding…oh And the Right front AONL she was so late but look at her now …all 21 Days …going to take away Bright white CFL maybe next
week so I can intensify new light or just change out cfl lights to soft 27 they work good lots of red light…Done it before and loved Results …Ok let’s Grow


Absolutely love it the set up!!! What was for dinner? And more importantly what strain was your after dinner :shallow_pan_of_food: :dash: :sunglasses:

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Oh it was Some Wedding Cake from Early Run some real Heading stuff but yummy…


Wedding Cake is one hell of a popular strain at the moment :slight_smile: