Sad day Puffco is off line

I hope they are not closed for good… I’m so happy I just picked myself up 2 Budsy for Xmas gifts (new product)… They seems pretty cool

this is a copy and paste from there site


Our community has always fought to exist, and we are continuing to fight. Earlier this year the PACT Act restricted our shipping capabilities, leading us to find alternative carriers and new logistics methods to deliver our products to you. Although this creates unavoidable issues, it is our responsibility to provide transparency and accountability when you invest in our products. We understand that many of our customers are experiencing delays and inconsistent order tracking.

We are temporarily shutting down until we take care of every outstanding order. We apologize for any inconvenience you’ve experienced, thank you for your business and patience, and look forward to delivering the best experiences not only through our products but in every aspect of your purchase.

If you are experiencing delayed shipping times or have concerns regarding your order, please reach out to


That blows! I was looking at a couple of their devices :man_facepalming:

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You may still be able to get them at your local head/smoke shop, depending on where you’re located.

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Yes but I’m thinking not for long…

Also I have a PeakPro that I really like a lot I’m on the fence if I should order some spare parts or just hope they come back