Root rot or staining

Hey just trying to get opinions on if this is root rot or staining

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Looks like staining.

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i’ve read several posts on here asking the same question a hundred or so times give or take and thought i’d be ready to self diagnosis but… any tips on how to “wash my roots”

If you have a sink with a pull-out hose that might be the easy way to rinse them off.

If not, just get a bucket or pot of (distilled or RO) water and move the lid (plant and all) onto that, then rinse them off by hand in that water. You can probably add a bit of h2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) to the rinse water to assist with killing off any bacteria.

Are you adding hydroguard to the reservoir water? After rinsing them off I’d do a drain/fill. You can also try using a touch more (than directed) if it doesn’t seem to be working.