RO system

Hey AG, I just hooked up a new RO water system and I was wondering how much water should be run through the new filters before using the water? The water looks cloudy and bubbly coming out. I read I should have filled the canisters with water before threading them in to eliminate air pockets. My tds meter was reading 25 PPM. Anyone with RO system experience I appreciate the feedback


Nice RO set-up, I had to run mine for several hours (6-7) before it was good to go. (might have just been the system I was using) :potable_water: :level_slider:

It might say how long on the packaging as well

Hope that helps :sunglasses: :+1:


Thanks @Enron. I’m going to empty the tank a couple times and test it again. I’d hate to hurt my plant at this stage


Yeah you just need to run it a couple hours, and yeah fill the canisters next time for the air pockets, I know what you mean lol. Best water investment :+1:


Wish someone had a tutorial on how and where to cut the pipes to install under counter. The one I saw had different pipes than mine. (shapes and material).

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let me know what you’re having trouble with I can try and help you out Bobbie

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I’ll remember that! I opted out of the purchase because I didnt want to cut the pipes! I may rethink it soon!

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