Restart Fuel OG

Hi :fist_right:

Are you using some kind of seed cover & Light Cap (Blank)

Finding it difficult to find the correct size with these 3D Printed models that will fit the Baskets Diameter @ 45mm


Or Just…

Looks like I’m also going to have issues with the Dome Covers too

Just checked the Dome Covers & there ALL only 42mm Dia & these baskets are 45mm but I guess it’s not that an important fit :+1:

Not measured but I suppose that Basket size is needed for the grobo

Sorry for the :open_book: !:flushed:!

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I spray painted some of the caps my aero came with to act as hole covers for ones I wasn’t using. The net pots are a bit wider, but fit inside and the ridge sits at the top. It’s not a perfect fit, but it works!



Brilliant :bulb:!

& that I have :+1:!

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You meant the Domes didn’t ya :flushed::rofl:

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Domes, caps…tomATo, tomato :rofl: