Resin Press Recommendation - Dabbin

Been using a digital hair straightener for some time now and it’s best days are long behind it, finally making the jump to grab a resin press.

Does anyone have a resin press they’re happy with? Seeking resin press owners input only

Been looking at a bunch from making my own to nugsmashers, but have narrowed my list and leaning towards Dukytek DM800

Thanks in advance


Bug smasher makes different types of them , fairly cheap depending on what you want I’m pretty sure the lowest is like 300$ for a legitimate one . But they get all the way up to like 4k .

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Nug *^

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I too would like to get a press, I believe @LtcTerps has a nug smasher :+1:


I use a hair straightner for that as well cheap does the trick, but the nug smasher watching those vids on youtube of the rosin coming out could have a TV channel of that never get bored of it lol :man_technologist: :eyes: :thought_balloon: :herb::boom: :dash: :sunglasses: have to take breaks to partake myself.
Just like when you see a food ad on TV instantly hungry for it :rofl:


Sorry for my disappearance holidays got me busy. I did purchase the nugsmasher mini and love it. I definitely should have gotten larger option tho as the mini will only smash 3.5g at a time. Figuring out the right temp is where I’m at rn.

This was my last press sesh of some banana bread a buddy had. 185f bottle tech 3.5g unfortunately did not get yield but quality was perfect


Hey @LtcTerps how’s the taste of that rosin?
I’m thinking of ordering the nugsmasher og

So the flower rosin was decent off the nugsmasher but I’d recommend getting a larger option. Mini is great for anything under a slice. If I did it again I would get the smasher w the pressure gauge on it

Sometimes gotta sacrifice some yield for that quality. Judging by that pic you pulled what 15-18%? Looks like an awesome yield if you ask me! You can run it through a 2nd time to pick up a bit more as well.

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So what do you do with the squished nuggets afterwards?

Can do a few things with them afterward, including but not limited to:

  • let it dry out and smoke it (not as strong but still contains some thc usually)
  • extract it into cannabutter/edible oil
  • extract it into another form of concentrate (bho, etho, iso, co2, etc)

This site seams to have some cool equipment.

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So that pic was probably my best quality press yet and I think it was a 15-18% on first and was pressed 3 times. Second and third I didn’t get a photo but overall think it was 20-25 overall. I stopped pressing flower and I will be investing in bubble hash equipment to start pressing that. Currently have my nugsmasher for sale but would like to do a local buyer as to not deal w shipping.

Low temp plates or dulytech plates are what I’d recommend. The cage version is optimal!


I made butter w my pucks. Came out super potent too👍

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