How do I start the process of a refund on this dud $2,500 seed killer? The air isn’t even flowing anymore. Please help!

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What wrong.

Pretty much everyone here recommends adding an external air pump in case the one that comes with the Grobo stops working. The rest of the unit is solid, but that seems to be one of its weak points. The newer models have upgraded pumps, I think.

At the stage of germination, the Grobo isn’t doing much besides housing the seed and providing a water source for the roots to sense and seek out as they grow. That means that if the water sensor levels are correct, and your coco pod isn’t old/contaminated, any issues with germination are probably the result of an unsuitable environment (not enough warmth / humidity) or incorrect planting.

If you’re confident that all those variables are covered and that the unit is failing, email @Stephen

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Hey @Centervillain,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble, I can help if you email me at


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