Recommendations on no internet for up to 5 hours

I am having my house rewired tomorrow i will not have internet for up to 5 hours i am in late stage growing will it effect my grow

Picture attached on what stage i am in

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it wont effect your grow
what will happen is your light blue light will likely turn dark blue and be solid and or blinking. This means its trying to connect to wifi, no worries, just means grobo wont get your data for a bit, but the unit itself will still operate as required. Lights on during schedule, air stone, etc. all good :slight_smile: maybe do a power cycle when your internet is done to reconnect it


You could use your phone and setup a wifi hotspot with the exact same SSID and passkey as your router’s Wifi network. That way your Grobo can connect easily to your phone hotspot since it’s using the same info. This would keep your Grobo online until your internet is restored