Recipe Search Buggy

Did the website folks make changes recently to the search bar for recipe’s? Reason I ask is because when I go over to search for a strain the search bar auto fills my login email address. I scanned through my settings to see if anything had changed, but none of my settings changed.

To make this even more screwy I tried using Firefox and Edge, both resulted in the same buggy behavior which lead me to wonder if there were any changes to the strain search recently? I attached a screenshot of what happens. This one is from Chrome.


Intended change?


Definitely not! This issue has appeared over the last few days on more and more devices.

Our software team has started debugging already and we’re aiming to have an update out by early next week that fixes this. Right now, it looks like the browser is thinking this is a “Username” field for some reason.

Please hang tight and it will be fixed in the next week!


Thanks for the quick reply @bjorn. @Dani was quick to respond to the ticket I opened. Two thumbs up :+1:t2::+1:t2: