Recipe question

Let me start off by saying I’m the new proud owner of a Grobo. With that being said I ordered seeds from ILGM. Figuring that they should have the recipe I sprung for super lemon haze. After placing my order I found that they currently didn’t have a recipe. Support was great and forwarded me to the link to have it added(which I did) but it won’t be added by they time I try my first grow. Would you guys suggest using the generic recipe, or could I use the ultra lemon haze one that they do have? It shouldn’t be terribly different since it came from super lemon haze right?


So I was told to use a Super Skunk recipe by a breeder that was not in their recipe selection. It’s up to you which way to go, but either should work just fine.


Either use the appropriate generic recipe or contact grobo support and ask them if they feel there is a better option in a recipe belonging to similar genetics.


I suggest you stick to the generic recipe:)

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