Recipe Dose

@Stephen or anyone Looking to firing up my grobo Sunday I have a question and a request.

  1. I’m going to be trying Alien Otto (Auto flower) I’m looking to use a recipe that offers slightly lower dose nutes. What recipe offers that? Breeder says time is 70 Days from seed to flower

  2. Feature suggestion / request. Why can you not give the user the option to be able to adjust Ec up or down on water change… Doing this will will give end user like myself the ability to backoff nutes or increase if the plant needs it. Thoughts??


I suspect that It would complicate things for a lot of users who are buying the system because they are new to growing, not good at it or are trying to learn.
Decreasing nutes in the grobo will likely cause issues faster than in a tent grow and the recipes have been tested to maximize nutrients with the least amount of problems or defeciency!
Maybe in the future they will add an advanced user tab for more control and pray that people won’t hold them accountable when their grows dont work!
A lot of customers issues are from their own dosing of addictives and the fact that they are not honest about it when others try to help!


My idea is Grobo still does all the dosing

You can have 3 settings

Low = 1400
Med = 1800
High = 2000

Something like this all the end user sees is low / med / high

I see lots of plants on this forum with nute burn on the tips. Having the able to click adjustment on water change should be a option for end user.

I think this will improve a lot of users grows


Excellent idea!!!
I like the freedom even though ive never had a problem with nutes needing to be adjusted on my grows!
I would certainly like to know if Its helpful for those experiencing issues! :eyes::seedling:


Did you start her up? Would love to follow your grow


I did but not much to see at this moment

Also it’s a Auto wanted to try one out in the Grobo I’m starting to think a auto maybe a better choice in the Grobo for me and I will keep my photos for my tent… So I don’t think your going to see much of any cool training for this grow in the Grobo :frowning:

But I still think we need a throttle control on Grobo makes so much sense to me. I could tell you so many reasons why it’s a good idea. And super easy to implement on the software side but I know it’s not going to happens.