Recipe Choice for Jack Herer Auto - Canuk Seeds [RESOLVED]

Hey Everyone,

I’m starting my third grow and this time I chose Jack Herer Auto from Canuk Seeds. When selecting the recipe, I saw two Jack recipes for Canuk Seeds, one being a Sativa with something like 120 days or a Jack Hybrid recipe at 80 days, which is the one I choose since it appears to align more with the flowering time on Canuk’s website. However, it didn’t state Auto on the Recipe.

Today, I found a Recipe titled “Generic Auto” with 71 days, the Canuk website mentions 8-9 weeks.

Since it’s been less than 24 hrs. Would you recommend leaving as-is or switching to the Generic Auto recipe?


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I would switch to the generic auto if your growing autos you don’t want to run it on a recipe meant for a photoperiod because the stages are different and the time is shorter for autos.
Photoperiods have late veg stage and autos do not.


Thanks! I just switched it over to the generic auto recipe. Will post back once we see some progress. Have a great day and thanks again!


Ordered some seeds from Canuk and see you did as well…but my question is how long it take to get to you? I ordered almost two weeks ago and nothing yet.

Apologies for the delay in reply.

Oder date to ship date was 11 days
Ship date to delivery was another week

Hope that helps

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