Ready to top?

New to this whole thing. Is this plant ready to top?


From just the leaves as I can’t see all the nodes, she looks ready. You can top at 4-5 nodes.


@FireGuy Thanks for the advice here and on my other thread.


So I did top this plant, hopefully got the right cut. Now that I’ve done that, do I automatically need to add a week to the grow schedule or just let the recipe continue to function as-is and monitor. Just flipped into late vegetative state yesterday.

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Late vegetative is the stage i normally extend if necessary.
In order to control the height of your plant you want to wait until your plant reach the bottom of the middle fan in the back panel.

I personally change at that moment, that exact day or the day before.

From there, you have 2 weeks of transition, than it’s flower stage.
You plant normally grow until the end of the 1st week of flower stage.
From there you should start to see your 1st buds and your plant should be really close from the top, you might have to bend it a little in order to avoid getting too close from the light


As @Ben said, you are not required to extend, but you probably will lol. Just keep an eye on her height and you should be fine. Post pictures and ask when you need to, Grobo family got your back!