Ready for flushing?

So I’ve extended her a month extra so far. Just came back from a week of vacation. Do you all think she’s ready to start flushing???


Looks very ripe to me … beautiful colors there :slight_smile: Definitely a husky bush!

However, there’s no way anyone can help you with the question you asked unless you give them magnified pictures of the trichomes. (Are they clear, cloudy, or amber?) this gives insight for the grower to harvest earlier for a more “head high” type of effect or later for a “sedative, couch lock” type effect depending on the ripeness of the trichomes.

If I had to say so myself though from looking at the pictures I would say it’s damn close if not ready… 10 more days of flush will further ripen trichomes as well, but again no way to tell… Your grow and your decision ultimately as well!


How do I take pictures with the magnifier? Lol

Only way you can is either to have a digital microscope that can take photographs or put your phone up to the magnifier (jeweler’s loupe) and try to get a photo… but that might not work the best depending…Might take a bunch of tries to get it focused enough…

You might have to take a look if you have one and describe what you see to your best ability if all else fails, aka, mostly clear/cloudy/dark(amber) colored trichome heads