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I have been doing some studies and knowing that I want the most out my yield I seen studies showing that to leave some of the little popcorn buds below and dont do a full lollipopping… so when harvest time comes you can cut where you would initially lollipop and Re-Veg your plant instead of killing it off completely any thoughts on this or ideas?? Have anyone else did it thought about this topic?? Thoughts, opinions, suggestions???


It’s feasible, but it seems like more of a hassle than it’s worth. @Todd.grobo, @Bplatinum9, @chris_barfield probably have some good thoughts on this.


Never done it but if you decide to try I would love to watch!
What is Re-Vegging Cannabis?

“Re-vegging” cannabis is what happens anytime you take a cannabis plant in the flowering (budding) stage and revert it back to the vegetative stage. Cannabis plants that are re-vegging can display strange stretchy growth and often grow round leaves with no serrations, but sometimes growers use a re-vegged plant’s unusual growth patterns to their advantage!

Example of a revegging cannabis plant – the edges of the new leaves are round instead of serrated

This cannabis plant is "revegging" or has been "monstercropped", which means it was in the flowering stage but was put back into the vegetative stage again.

Sometimes Cannabis Growers Re-Veg on Purpose…

How to Re-Veg a Flowering Clone…

  1. Choose a cannabis plant that has grown well and is overall performing above average. These are the genes you want! If you are impressed with the bud quality, that’s another great reason to monstercrop a specific plant even if it’s not necessarily growing the best. Some growers will take clones from all their flowering plants (with labels to know which is which!) soon before harvest and start monstercropping them. By the time the clones are a few weeks old, you’ll have been able to test your buds from harvest and see if there were any plants that just produced star quality bud. At that point, you can toss all the clones that came from average plants, and keep any winners to grow again. Once the plant starts vegetating again, it will be much easier/faster to take more clones.
  2. Make sure to give your new flowering clone the best care possible , and remember it may take a few days longer than a normal clone for your cutting to root and start growing again.
  3. Keep the clone on a vegetative time schedule (18-24 hours of light/day) and start giving it vegetative nutrients.
  4. The clone will start growing very oddly , with round leaves and often with many stems, creating tons of bud sites in a very short amount of time. The odd growth lasts 3-4 weeks on average, though it will take shorter if plant wasn’t flowering long, or possibly longer if the clone was taken just before harvest time.
  5. Don’t skip on plant training! During the vegetative stage, it’s very important to make sure the plant is trained to stay short and flat, so you can take advantage of all those bud sites!
  6. When the plant is about half the final desired height , switch to a 12/12 light schedule and continue keeping plant flat during the first 6 or so weeks of the flowering stage, until the plant stops growing new stems and leaves altogether.
  7. Harvest as normal and enjoy your monstercropped buds!

Example of a Recovering Clone After Being Monstercropped

In this instance, the clone seemed to get back to the vegetative stage more quickly than most. This clone was taken from a flowering cannabis plant, notice the strange rounded leaves

A "monster cropped" cannabis clone - the clone was taken from a flowering plant, which caused strange growth and smooth leaves to form while th plant reverts back to the vegetative stage

Here’s the same plant 2 days later. It continues to grow new leaves with round edges and long stems while the plant is re-vegging.

Same re-vegged cannabis clone 2 days later, in the process of monstercropping

Here’s that plant about a week later – at this point it’s already growing (mostly) normal leaves

A re-vegged cannabis clone can take 1-3 weeks before it start growing normally again - this is a monstercropping example pictures

Only 1 month after the first picture, the plant has grown far bigger and faster than a similarly sized seedling would have been able to grow in that time.

Example of a monstercropped marijuana clone - the technique results in fast, bushy growth

That plant at harvest! The grower said that they were extremely happy with the results of the monstercrop process and would do it again!

Example of that monstercropped cannabis clone at harvest!
Monstercrop cannabis pictures by Don B


I only reveg when I forgot to clone a plant or something


I been experimenting on a little of everything that’s why I been intrigued by this concept… I already took a clone and placed it in the dirt (pics below first set) then I wanted to cut the tips off and see what it do outside (once again experimenting) with climate, time, strain, and yield. The second pic is what it looked like


I wouldn’t do it. Plant will be too big in unit and or when was the last time you cleaned your probes etc? I like 1 grow per grow and i dont want my plant wasting energy on even making lower buds.


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@Todd.grobo I’m still using my probes on my Cin99 no problems. I thought the same thing I dont want to waste the energy but I wanted to keep 1 as well so I just stuck it in a pot and see what it do… but I heard of re-vegging


i look forward to hearing your results :slight_smile:


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