Re: lights stuck on 12/12 in LATE VEG [RESOLVED]

A support ticket was sent out already to the Grobo support team but reaching out to the AG community to see if there is any immediate help…

My Grobo grow is in late vegetation (day 27 / 28). I continue to extend late vegetation until she gets taller. I accidently shifted the schedule back and forth too many times in which the LIGHTS are now stuck on 12 / 12.

Need help in getting the lights back to 20 / 4.

The schedule is currently in late vegetation but the lights schedule is still not right.

I think Grobo support (@Todd.grobo) is off on Saturdays so any help would be appreciated.



I wish the app was like before, where you could choose when the light turn on AND off
This way, YOU can choose you light cycle by yourself
Really don’t understand why it have been changed to only controlling when the light turn’s on (and letting the app decide when it turn off)

I have had the same issue.
My grobo was also turning off too early
For me, unplugging the grobo for at least 10 seconds and repluging the power back fixed it.

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thank you for the quick suggestion however the power on/off didn’t help me :frowning:

my schedule is all jacked up too as my grow went thru all the normal germ and early veg stages as the receipt scheduled suggests and only extended late veg

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Then the other option i can think of would be to add another light to avoid the plant being 12 hours in darkness.

You could leave the door open with a light open in the room or something like this.

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thanks again for the suggestion…

i am able to shift the 12 hour schedule so I was just going to adjust accordingly so lights turns off after 20 hours light (3:30am - 11:30pm)…just looking for it to be fixed for good

FYI. GROBO SUPPORT is ON it as they informed me already that they are working on it…grobo team is fantastic as they are always quick to respond to any support inquiries…i’m sure Grobo will be able to resolve soon


Glad they got you settled. This happened to me once and they had to push a fix. Unfortunately it wiped the schedule I had already run through and put me at day 1 of late veg but it didn’t matter to me. Maybe they’ve got an updated way to fix it now. Grobo Support ROCKS!!!


they do rock! my schedule gotted wiped too …i also got placed on day 1 of late veg as well but its all good as i send her shift her to transition when she’s tall enough :slight_smile:


@ChicagoCypher_CC check your email.


thank you Todd!

Issue RESOLVED pretty darn fast on a weekend :slight_smile:

Grobo support is only an email or phone call away on any concerns. Grobo’s customer service is consistently outstanding :grinning:


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