Random questions

How does the grobo control the humidity?

Is the hydro bucket supposed to be sitting on a slight angle?

How much will grow time be reduced by using a clone once the recipes arrive.

I missed purchasing the warranty by yesterday, can I still give you my money :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi toeknee,

Your unit measures humidity inside and outside of your unit, but does not adjust.

No it is not, you may have a wire or tube that has shifted in shipping. It should be sitting level. If you need help, please contact support@grobo.io and we will assist you.

Clones can shave off a month or more from a seed recipe, depending on the size. I’m working with clones now, recipe will be available in the September update.

I’m sure we can help here too. Shoot us an email to support@grobo.io and we can assist.


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Thank you so much for the info

ill wait for my water change today to level it out.


Hey Guys, I was going to buy some magnetic hooks so I could start LST’ing and drying (eventually). Any products you guys like? Want semi-weak magnets so to not pull on the metal too much (nonscratch a plus).

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@Hainesjr1 Grobo sells drying racks meant to go inside the unit to be used during the dry cycle. Could give them a try. Drying rack



The drying racks will work. These ones I’ve linked below are pretty strong and can scratch but I’ll link to them anyways.



Wound up buying a couple sets of the drying rack to use as an anchor for the plant for LST and drying at the end. Thanks guys. Always love the response time and honesty of the community.




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Hey @SilverGrobo

I’ve not tried but good question best answered by the Grobo guys. I would try on your PC to log in as a “just received my unit” worst case scenario it will bump one person out the app. :+1:

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  • (These drying rack hooks are super cool and super strong): (If you worry to scratch or damage the metal wall you could get the [#MagnetTape] to place behind the strong magnets): (When you want to take up the strong magnet just [tip it up] on one side to demagnetize it from the MagnetTape): (Leaving the white coating on the sticky side alone): (@fuz and I are using this method in our Grobo):


-- Tip_It..1~~ (2)




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Good idea.

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