Random questions Grower Champs

Hello fellow growers I have just random questions to ask. I hope to get another grobo unit for myself but wondering if i put my units side by side with 2 different strains will it effect each other?? Similiar to let’s say a male being close to a female plant…
Also i dk where to put the other one i have a full basement and want to put it down there but i think that it just might be to cold down there. Its not a ice box or anything but it’s just colder then upstairs and main floor. Inquiring mind wants to know… will I be able to set my units up in the basement instead of upstairs??


The plants will not be effected in any negative way at all side by side. @chris_barfield is currently growing 9 different genetics in one tent :exploding_head: . What is coldest your basement gets during the year?


Maybe in the 60s @SWSVIC

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I think that would be a great environment for 2 Grobos (or is it Grobi when they’re in a pack? :joy:). So long as it doesn’t go below 60.


I’m going to officially find out so I can be sure take a little thermometer down there… so I can start with my grobi’s…:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


You’ll be fine for sure, mines in my basement which is much cooler and she’s doing great :+1:
@SWSVIC love the plural name hahaha :rofl:

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What are your temps?

In the box or in the res? Honestly idk. I just know it’s cooler. Right now won’t be good cause I’m waiting to get my a/c fixed so it’ll be a bit warmer than usual. I keep my house at 22 celsius so like low 70s but it’ll be cooler than that down in my basement. It’s unfinished for the most part and sitting on the concrete floor

It really just stay in the 60 degree range I wouldn’t say it go below that even in winter time…

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Top of my canopy is 72.7 with my temp gun. Inside the res it’s 70.9.