Raider Nation Grow Boxes

100% agree. Always comes down to personal choice.


Just like the plant 🪴 told you what she needed, the buds will talk. Not too dry, not too moist. You will know by touch what you want and what feels good. Some buds will be to dry, some too moist, and some just right. You can separate and apply what’s needed for each.

My biggest take away from this process is that Time is the best procedure to apply. Waiting 4 to 8 weeks in great conditions is the best formula. After about 2 months the batch should be peeking with its potency and flavors.

Happy Growing


Very Beautiful :heart: wait 3 nodes up and top a second time on both sides


My girl is sick


Did a cleaning and transplanted this girl into the box. She drooped down and won’t recover :sleepy:.

I have drained n filled twice. Added Hydro and Relieve. Help!

This is a photo period
30 days old

I need this one. I only have one seed. :pleading_face:.

Is the Doctor in?


:sob::sob::sob: Noooooo

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How long ago did you transfer her? Did the roots look like that when you did? I only see a few bubbles. Is the stone kicking out plenty of air?


All good questions! Just from the pic, I’d say root rot but an answer to the above questions might help.

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What kind of growing medium is that?

This is my Lemon :lemon: Haze Auto
In the RN4L box.

She Is doing great. In the 4 week of 9 Flower :blossom:. Strong sturdy stems. Hopefully she is prepared to hold some heavy buds. Height is perfect. Bud afros are growing everywhere.

This is my Dwarf Bruce Banner Auto In the 1983 SB Box.

She is small. Dwarfed really early. I decided to keep her because the Bruce Banner buds are some of the Most potent on the planet! No matter what she gives me, it will be awesome.

We also have a Lemon :lemon: Cake :birthday: photo in the Just Win Baby box.

She is just waiting her turn. I am excited to see how this girl does. The name says she is going to be good :+1:.