So I was left with around 2 ounces of sweet leaf and some fluffy buds that weren’t worth saving after my Grobo and Tent grows. I finally decided to do a QWISO and used 99% medical grade iso I purchased on Amazon.

I used basically the same method @Stephen used on Grobo’s YouTube video, with some slight differences. I used 32ml of iso and poured it into a 32oz mason jar with the trim/shake. I let it sit for 30 seconds, then shook for about 30 seconds. I filtered the shake and alcohol first thought a wire sieve, then ran it through coffee filter into another jar. Took a good 30-60 min to run it all through the coffee filter. The result was a clear amber tinted liquid. Finally after getting it all through the filter, I poured the mixture into Pyrex-type dishes and let it sit with a small fan for 24 hours. I did not use any heat.

I dabbed a small sample after about 12 hours, which came out very thick and an nice honey amber color. A couple of pulls through my Lookah Seahorse and I was laughing like a school girl! I’ve been waiting so long to write a review where I can say cannabis has me laughing like I was a teenager again. Very smooth flavorful vapor with no irritation of the throat. Very smooth.

Anyway so after 24 hours, my Pyrex dishes went into the freezer for a few hours. The result when scraping with a razor was a powdery frozen hash. I got the brilliant idea last night that since I loved the sample so much it definitely needed more power, and decided i’d throw all of my kief from the trim in with it. I cut the frozen oil and kief together with a razor, then pressed it some between the parchment paper. I’ve got it pressed into a little brick and in my refrigerator now. I’m going to leave it for a week or so and see how she smokes.

Very good stuff that is smokeable in a hitter and packs a good punch with no extra throat irritation!

About 4-5 grams total.

Pictures below



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Hey @PhilLeshPhan,

Very nicely done and great pics! Thanks for sharing the info. I’m due for another run myself…